Sky Tower Business Life Center Bursa

Not Just the Center of Business But Also Life

The strongest way to define your business and prestige right in front of the largest public campus of the region is being constructed on an area of 10,000 square meters with SKY TOWER.

SKY TOWER is a center that brings both business and social life together. Its social platform designed with OPEN MARKET concept instead of a homogeneous approach by character invites everyone around to this joy and prestige..

With its design that provides direct access to the largest public campus of the region, its connection to T2 light rail system and close proximity to the surrounding road, and its proximity to the Izmir Istanbul highway; its location is really easy to reach.

SKY TOWER will be at the center of everyone’s social life with its food & drinks and service areas at the store floor; it is the biggest candidate to be the point where the liveliness starts.

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