Sky Tower and Barette Foundation

Highest business tower of Bursa, Sky Tower is rising with its barette foundation system. Barette foundations, which provide an extra benefit in terms of earthquake durability, have been applied on the floor of the Sky Tower business tower.

Main advantages of barette foundations;

  • Higher horizontal shear force and shear moment capacity compared to bored pile foundations under the forces of the same direction,
  • As a result of easy alignment with the superstructure vertical structural elements and columns, only one barette can be applied beneath each column; this allows the cross-section and the capacity to be used effectively,
  • It has a higher side friction capacity than a bored bored pile foundation due to having more side area because of its shape,
  • As its sizes are expandable in its design, it may create infinite alternative and economical solutions,
  • It can be built on all grounds and all project sizes including hard rock as it can use mechanical, hydraulic and / or hydrofreeze according to the ground conditions for the construction
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