Sky Tower

About Us

Founded with the contributions of strong business partners, it is a structure that has emerged with the combination of experience of SKY GROUP business partners in different areas. The combination of experience in trade, building production and planning defines the core strength and competence for the SKY GROUP. It was investigated apart from the conventional contractor approach, and creating versatile life and business areas are determined as the corporate objectives. As a result of this approach, SKY TOWER is a candidate to take its place as a positive and modern value in Bursa‘s skyline by increasing the value of its region with its own value.

Harun YASAV, Chairman of the Management of SAMANCI GIDA LTD. ŞTİ., which has been active since 1966 and which is one of the first 100 companies in Bursa strengthens SKY GROUP with his almost 50 years of experience in international trade and management.